New Album - 4 of 12 Tracks

Including the debut single - So Long Gone

Press Reviews

Paolo Caru, editor of Europe’s Buscadero Music Magazine calls LePow “a great and valuable talent on the horizon.”

“LePow shows great ability to change and to break the mold. Not only in composition but personality as well. Showing other than normal delivery.” -  Paolo Caru.

“To sum up Cody LePow, I will refer to a few of his songs for that; he is a Truck Drivin’ man on a Fast Train and Any Day Now the Love Junkie will come give you an Education on Love to fix an Angel With Broken Wings. I say Amen to the man with a thing for words!” - Christi Broekemeier

Patrick Schwarz , of Night Moves Magazine says “Cody’s sound has strong potential in becoming signature in the years to come”

“A new musician of value” - Cheapo Music Web Magazine

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